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Name: Skye
Breed: Beagle cross
Sex: Female
Age: 6 yrs
Colour: Tri-colour
Dog friendly:

Quite shy when meeting new dogs, needs time to get to know them

Cats: No
Children: Adult



Please meet sweet Skye, a 5yr old Beagle cross who had a bad start in life and has been with her family for 5 yrs but is now struggling to cope with a more hectic home. Poor Skye is very timid, and will need a patient and gentle adult home with a routine and time to help work with her to build her confidence and is extremely anxious around new people and in new situations x She is extremely affectionate once she is relaxed in your company and gives a lovely ear wash x Typical Beagle she is extremely foody and exchange is required !!!! She is quite a big girlie, but very finely boned and we are now of the opinion that she is probably crossed with a Pointer x


Skye had visited HQ several times in an effort to help the transition be less stressful before she came here and she was visibly more comfortable each time. She started walking with the other dogs and that certainly helped relax her but now she is here she is quite happy to walk alone with our vounteers. Initially we had felt that she maybe better going as a companion dog as her confidence has grown, we feel she is better going as an only pet as she doesn't like to share with other dogs but fine to walk with them.  Any new prospective home must be happy to visit a few times for her to get to know them followed by several visits leading to an overnight at the new home. 


Skye is a lovely girl and is looking for an active home and would be more suited to a semi rural environment, her recall is good in the garden but if there is anything of interest her hearing seems to go!!!!!!!!! She is not used to being left for long periods so would be suited to a home worker or someone that can take her in the car with them etc x She is quite wary of men so we do feel a lady owner maybe better although she is very attached to my husband who walks her at HQ x










All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


You can also see videos on our YouTube channel HERE & more photos HERE

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Please also take the time to read our Guidance Notes on Adopting a Rescue Dog -  HERE,  so that you know how to prepare and what to expect with your new dog.  We would also encourage you to research  the breed that you are looking for,  to ensure  that they suit your family and lifestyle.