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Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our questionnaire,  and for choosing to adopt a rescue dog. When taking on any new pet, it is important to consider fully that this is a life-long commitment, that may be for 15 years or longer. Also, to appreciate that dogs of all ages (and backgrounds) will take time to settle into their new homes, and some will adapt more quickly than others. In the time leading up to adoption, rescue dogs may have had to cope with a number of changes including losing their previous homes & family, kennels, foster homes and vet visits before arriving at their new home, so they may take a little longer to settle.


Please Ensure that you have read our Homing Guidelines which can be found here before completing the Rehoming Questionnaire.


Please answer all questions fully, as this information helps us to ascertain if the dog you are interested in will be a good match for your family.  If not, we may suggest another dog which is more suited to your lifestyle, needs and requirements .


We will endeavor to respond to your application as soon as possible. However,  we are all volunteers (with other jobs & commitments) , so on occasion this may take a couple of days. If you would like to follow up your application, it would be helpful if you could do so through our 'Contact Us' page.


If you are just generally interested in rehoming a dog (but not necessarily a specific one listed on this site) please still use the form below. 


If this is a general enquiry, please give details of the type of dog you are looking for:



About you

Have you owned a dog before? *
Do you have transport to collect/return a dog? *


Household Details

If applicable, do you have written permission to keep a dog? (a copy of the agreement will be required at home-check) *
Is the garden secure to prevent the dog escaping or being stolen? *
We are a small rescue, and the average cost of a dog in our care exceeds £400. We ask for a minimum contribution either specified against the individual dog's details or dependent on age as per our Homing Policy, to enable us to continue helping more dogs. Are you happy to pay this donation? *


Absence From Home

Do you have any holidays booked for the near future? *

As a rescue, we are against any form of aversive training methods and do not place any dog in a home where these will be used, please note this is a condition of our adoption.