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Rehoming questionnaire

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* Required information.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our questionnaire,  and for choosing to adopt a rescue dog. When taking on any new pet, it is important to consider fully that this is a life-long commitment, that may be for 15 years or longer. Also, to appreciate that dogs of all ages (and backgrounds) will take time to settle into their new homes, and some will adapt more quickly than others. In the time leading up to adoption, rescue dogs may have had to cope with a number of changes including losing their previous homes & family, kennels, foster homes and vet visits before arriving at their new home, so they may take a little longer to settle.


Please Ensure that you have read our Homing Guidelines which can be found here before completing the Rehoming Questionnaire.


Please answer all questions fully, as this information helps us to ascertain if the dog you are interested in will be a good match for your family.  If not, we may suggest another dog which is more suited to your lifestyle, needs and requirements .


We will endeavor to respond to your application as soon as possible. However,  we are all volunteers (with other jobs & commitments) , so on occasion this may take a couple of days. If you would like to follow up your application, it would be helpful if you could do so through our 'Contact Us' page.


If you are just generally interested in rehoming a dog (but not necessarily a specific one listed on this site) please still use the form below. 


Dog's name (if applicable)

If this is a general enquiry, please give details of the type of dog you are looking for:

Breed and size
Other requirements e.g. energy levels, coat type, level of training?


About you

Name of Adopter *
Age of Adoptor *
If you are over 65 please give details of the nominated party that would take the dog on in the event of illness/death. Please also see note on ages of adopters in our Homing Guidelines.
Full Address of Adopter including postcode *
Telephone (mobile and landline) *
Email address
How did you hear about the dog/our organisation?
Your occupation *
Your partner's occupation (if applicable)
Relevant hobbies and pastimes
Have you owned a dog before? *
If yes please specify details such as breed etc
Did any of the dogs have behavioural issues? If yes, what were they and how were they dealt with?
Were they bred from, or neutered?
What happened to them?
Any other relevant/previous dog experience?
When are you ready to adopt a dog? (If you are unable to adopt a dog within the next three weeks due to holiday or other commitments, please wait until you are able to do so before applying, as we are unable to ‘hold’ dogs pending adoption.) *
How many walks will you be able to realistically give a dog each day, and approximately how long will they be for? (This will enable us to match a dog to your requirements so please be honest!) *
Do you have transport to collect/return a dog? *


Household Details

Please list any other adults in your household (including relationship to adopter) *
Please list any children and their ages
If you have children are they used to dogs, or do they have regular contact with other dogs? Please provide details of breeds etc.
Please provide details of any children who are regular visitors to the home including ages and how often they visit.
Does anyone in the household have any allergies and other special needs? (please specify) *
Are there any other dogs currently living in the home? If yes please provide details of age, breed, gender and whether neutered and vaccinated. *
Do you have other dogs who are regular visitors to the home? If yes please provide details of age, breed, gender, whether neutered & vaccinated. *
Any cats living in the home? If yes please give details and whether they are used to living with dogs & if their personality is more confident or timid. *
Any other pet animals living in the home? If yes please give details. *
Livestock eg chickens, horses etc living outside? *
Type of property (owned/private rented/council/housing association) *
If applicable, do you have written permission to keep a dog? (a copy of the agreement will be required at home-check) *
How long have you lived at your current location? *
Any plans to move within the next year? *
Location? (eg main road, cul de sac etc) *
Approximate garden size? *
Type of fencing i.e hedge, wooden boarding, wire mesh etc If you have hedging is this secured with additional chain-link or wire mesh? *
Height of fencing at lowest point (including any gates) *
Is the garden secure to prevent the dog escaping or being stolen? *
Is there a pond or swimming pool? If yes is it secured to prevent a dog falling in? *
Which dog walking areas do you propose to use? (ie, town, park, countryside etc) *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
How do you feel about dogs on furniture/beds? *
Please provide details of the veterinary practice that you propose registering the dog with. *
Do you have, or could we request, a reference letter from your vet and/or another rescue? *
Are you aware of the costs that owning a dog entails? (Please note that it is an adoption requirement that all dogs will receive an annual booster and regular worm/flea treatment)
We are a small rescue & the average cost of a dog in our care exceeds £300.00. We usually ask for a minimum contribution of £150.00 (for dogs aged up to 6 yrs) to help us to continue offering more dogs a lifeline. Would you be willing to contribute? *


Absence From Home

Working hours of adopter & partner (if applicable) *
Approximately how long will the dog be left alone for at any one time? *
Where will the dog be in the day when you are out? *
What arrangements will be made for the dog if you are out for longer than 4 hours i.e neighbours, dog walkers, day boarding etc ? (Please note that depending on age & temperament, not every dog will be able to be left alone for this period) *
Do you have any holidays booked for the near future? *
Who will care for the dog whilst you are away i.e Kennels, other family etc *
Please let us know why you would like to adopt a dog, what sort of home and lifestyle you can offer, as well as any other additional supporting information here. Thank you for your interest.
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