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Name: Brucie (RESERVED)
Breed: Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 7 Months
Colour: White & Tan
Dog friendly: Yes
Cats: No
Children: 8+


Brucie is a 7 mth old terrier who has come into rescue due to his owners ill health.  Brucie has just been neutered and has now moved to a family multi dog foster home where he is now enjoying playing with all the other dogs and learning new skills.  He is currently being assessed but is not the most confident dog so may be better going as a companion to an older steady dog.  He is also a very agile little man, so will need a garden with 6' fencing.
This is what his initial foster mum who cared for him whilst he was being neutered:- 

"Bruise is a very cute 7 month old terrier and has a very inquiring little mind, he loves to learn new things and with time spent training will become a fabulous little dog. Bruce has learnt that night time is bed time and sleeps perfect downstairs in the kitchen with a gate at the door.  He loves to play a lot as he is only a puppy still so needs an energetic home with stuff going on and people about as he’s not used to being left for long periods. He can be a little nervous on walks with traffic so we have been walking him on quite road with only a couple of cars just to get used to them. Bruce is good with other dog and loves to play but also very respectful of older dogs. He is also not suitable to live with small furries as he is very interested in them !
Brucey has lots of energy and loves life and needs and owner that has the same."


All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


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Please also take the time to read our Guidance Notes on Adopting a Rescue Dog -  HERE,  so that you know how to prepare and what to expect with your new dog.  We would also encourage you to research  the breed that you are looking for,  to ensure  that they suit your family and lifestyle.