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Name: Dexter(Reserved)
Breed: Terrier Cross (Possibly Pug Cross)
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years old
Colour: Black & Tan
Dog friendly: Yes
Cats: Unknown - possibly 
Children: 8+



Dexter is a small crossbreed boy, possibly Jack Russell Terrier x Pug. Dexter has sadly been passed around a number of homes over a short period of time prior to being surrendered to ECR due to having separation anxiety when left at home alone. 


He is a very happy, smiley chap who absolutely loves cuddles and the company of other dogs to run around and play with. He is ball crazy and has brilliant skills of ‘fetching’ a ball/toy back to you and dropping it at your feet. He will then, if told to, ‘leave’ it until you pick it up to throw it for him again. He’d play this game for hours given the option. However Dexter also loves sitting by you/on your lap for some cuddles. 


Dexter is extremely bright and eager to learn new games and quickly got the hang of playing ’find it’, where you hide a toy for him to find. He is very treat orientated and so is very easy to train and teach new tricks. He knows ‘sit’, ‘paw’, ‘leave’, ‘fetch’  and ‘down’. 


Dexter went to a prospective home whilst with ECR with a family and he loved the two young boys. He was clean and quiet in the home and he soon bonded very quickly. However, signs of separation anxiety then began to emerge and with the structure of the home being as it was, it was not possible to have an area where Dexter could be stair-gated to avoid him escaping from the home to avoid being left at home. That being the case the hard decision was made by the family that it was right for Dexter to come back to ECR so that we could work with him with our behavourist and a family that have the set-up and time to be able to work on a programme with Dexter to deal with his separation anxiety whilst being able to ensure his safety that he cannot escape from the home when people leave the home.


Dexter was cat tested in a home with a confident cat. We found him to be more interested in toys than the cat so he may well be able to live with a cat. 


Dexter really is a super little man with lots of potential. With time and commitment and following guidance from our behaviourist we feel he could make great progress with his separation anxiety. 


We are therefore looking for a home for Dexter where the family are at home for much of the time and if possible, has another resident dog that does not have any separation anxiety issues.  


Dexter is currently in private boarding kennels and we would love for him to be able to go to a committed foster home with someone who is at home much of the time and who is willing to work with our behavourist on a programme to help him overcome his separation anxiety.



All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and  neutered  where medically appropriate.


Please note that due to limited resources we are only able to rehome our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Reigate.


You can also see videos on our YouTube channel HERE & more photos HERE


If you would like to apply to home this dog, please complete our homing application HERE.


Please also take the time to read our Guidance Notes on Adopting a Rescue Dog -  HERE,  so that you know how to prepare and what to expect with your new dog.  We would also encourage you to research  the breed that you are looking for,  to ensure  that they suit your family and lifestyle.